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Worm Gear Motors Sales & Replacement | Rebuild & Replace

Worm Gear motors consist of two parts, an input worm or screw and an output gear. Worm Gear motors allow for excellent torque. Their simple construction also makes them a favorite for many situations. 

What Are Worm Gear Motors

Worm gear motors or worm drives consist of a gear (often called a Worm Wheel), and a worm(usually a V threaded screw). The motor is attached to the gear, which then rotates the worm to create the motor output. The gear and the worm are placed at a 90 degree angle, which allows for compact deigns.

The main benefit of using worm gear motors are their ability to provide significant gear reduction ratios and therefore extremely high torque multiplication. Worm Gear Motors are quiet and self locking, making them great for lifting applications like elevators.

We Repair Worm Gear Motors

With over 28 years in the motor service and repair industry, we’re extremely experienced in dealing with Worm Gear Motor issues. Whether you need additional lubrication, or a complete replacement, Midwest Power Products can help. Some of the most applications we repair are:
– Industrial conveying systems
– Elevators
– Noise sensitive environments like airports, hotels or theaters
– Rock Crushers and other mining operations
– Construction machinery

If you need to keep your operation moving, our specialists will quickly identify and fix any issues with Worm Gear Motors.

Worm Gear Motor Inventory

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