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Winsmith Gearing is a brand built on a reputation for high-quality products. They design and manufacture gearing technologies for a vast range of applications such as packaging, food processing, and motion control. Most of their projects are custom builds for their customers, including their SE Speed Reducer and Stainless Conveyor Drive. Contact Midwest Power Products for repairs or replacements on this powerful line. 


  • Custom Enclosed Gearing
  • Double Enveloping Worm Gearing
  • Helical Gearing
  • Low Backlash Gearing
  • Planetary Gearing
  • Single Enveloping Worm Gearing
  • Slewing Rings
  • Slewing Drives
  • Winches
  • Worm Gear Rotation Drive


  • Packaging
  • Food processing
  • Broadband satellite communications
  • Solar energy array tracking
  • Hydro flow generation
  • Motion control

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