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Variable Speed Gear Motors Sales & Replacement | Rebuild & Replace

Variable Speed Motors have variable speed drives to control the input frequency and voltage. They’re typically made up of a motor and a controller that adjust speeds by changing voltage. This makes them more efficient than single input/voltage motors. With over 28 years experience, Midwest Power Products are experts in same day variable speed motor repair, replacement and servicing.

We Repair Variable Speed Motors

Variable Speed Motors have a higher number of points of failure than single speed motors, and can come in a number of configurations that can be difficult to repair. We repair motors, controllers, and output machinery. At Midwest Power Products, our 28 years of experience mean we’ve seen almost every use case and build possible.

Variable Speed Motors are extremely common, and have a wide variety of uses. Some common use cases for Variable Speed Motors we typically repair are:
– Pumps
– Machine Tools
– Belt Conveyors
– Fans/HVAC systems
– Stock Feeds
– Automotive
– Construction

There are a multitude of other uses for Variable Speed Motors, and we’ve repaired almost all of them. If you need to get back to work, give us a call and our team will quickly and professionally help solve your issue.

Variable Speed Gear Motor

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