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Parallel Shaft Reducers Sales & Replacement | Rebuild & Replace

Parallel Shaft reducers are a common gear speed reducer configuration used to increase torque and slow down motor output. They can be more compact than other solutions, and offer a long lasting motor for continuous use.

What is a Parallel Shaft Reducer?

Parallel Shaft Reducers are gear speed reducers in which the motor shaft and reducer output shaft are on parallel planes. This allows them to take up less room than coaxial reducers and have high power and torque outputs. Parallel Shaft reducers are produced in a variety of sizes, brands and styles, and can be custom or standard builds. They are a great choice for continuous duty applications.

Parallel Shaft Reducers come in three main gear types: Spur, Helical and Double Helical. Each gear type comes with it’s own advantages and costs. Spur gears are most common, and also typically most affordable, while Helical and Double Helical gears tend to be more expensive, but also quieter and more powerful.

We Repair Parallel Shaft Reducers

At Midwest power products, our 28 years in business mean we’re well equipped to handle service, repairs and replacements of almost any Parallel Shaft reducer on the market. Common applications of these reducers are:
– Pumps
– Mechanical Stirring
– Food Production
– Industrial Manufacturing

If you need help servicing, repairing or replacing a Parallel Shaft Reducer, schedule a call with our professionals and we will quickly and professionally get your operation moving again.