Morse Products

Morse® products have been a key component in the power generation, material handling, pulp and paper, and forestry industries. The Morse chain drives, mechanical clutches, and worm gearing and couplings have helped keep America rolling for over 125 years in the most demanding applications.

  • PoweRgear® Reducers
    • G Series, C-Face input.
    • S Series, Shaft Mounted worm gear reducer.
    • V Series, Vertical output shaft design.
    • W Series, Shaft input, Shaft output style.
  • Raider® Plus Worm Gear Reducers
    • Four available styles make it the most flexible worm gear product in the drives and components portfolio. There is the universal style (“U”-style, shaft input) with an output shaft and the c-face style (“Q”-style, input quill) with an output shaft. Both the “U” and “Q” styles are also available with hollow outputs. The Raider® Plus worm gear reducer is designed as an industry interchange. It is dimensionally interchangeable with the major industry competitors.
  • NFS® Clutches
  • MORFLEX® Couplings
  • M Series Clutch
  • KK® Clutches
  • Moisture Guard® Chain

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