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Inline Gear Reducers

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Inline Gear Reducers can be connected to their gearbox by a direct or coupling connection. They’re excellent for rugged conditions and offer high torque at low speeds.

What Are Inline Gear Reducers

Inline gear reducers are used to slow down motor output and increase torque. Also known as inline speed reducer gearboxes, they come in a variety of styles, sizes, and outputs with each brand offering slightly different shapes and benefits. Depending on your application, inline speed reducer gearboxes can come off the shelf or be custom-built for specific projects.

Inline Gear reducers function by taking a high-speed motor output and running it through a series of gears at increasingly large sizes. By moving the force to a larger gear size gear, the inline gear reducer slows the rotational speed, but increases the torque, allowing for a slower, more powerful movement. These systems require an incredibly high level of precision in order to function correctly, or else they can cause damage to other machines and danger to nearby people.

Some of the most well-known brands of inline gear reducers are Winsmith, Cone Drive, Falk, Electra-Gear, Dresser, and Sumitomo. Each brand has ideal use cases, and they can differ in their lifetime, power output, and maintenance needs.

We Repair Inline Gear Reducers

At Midwest Power Products, our 28 years of experience have given us intimate knowledge of gear reducers of all styles, makes, and models. We’re experts in repairing and replacing inline gear reducers for all major brands, and for any purpose. Whether your setup is custom or off the shelf, we can get it running quickly and professionally. Some of the most common applications for gear reducers we fix are:
– Compressors
– Mining/oil and gas applications
– Robotics
– Automation systems
– Construction

Inline Gear Reducers Services

Midwest Power Products specializes in the distribution, replacement, & repair of Inline  Gearboxes from a variety of brands. With 50+ manufacturers including Electra-GearFoote-Jones, & Sumitomo, Midwest Power Products sets the industry standard for Inline Gear Reducer Services.

No matter your application, Midwest Power Products can rapidly diagnose and fix problems with gear reducers. Give us a call, and we’ll get your factory back to work.

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