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Inline C-Face Gear Reducers & Gearboxes

Rebuild & Replace

C-Face Gear reducers are face mounted gear reducers, typically directly connected to the motor flange. C-Face Gear reducers offer speed reduction and increased torque from motor output.

We Repair Inline C-Face Gear Reducers

With over 28 years of experience repairing motors and gears, we know and understand the unique challenges posed by C-Face gear reducers and the motors they work with. We can repair almost any power train issue quickly and professionally, so you can get your workplace moving again. Some of the common uses and repair scenarios we see for C face gear reducers are:
– Conveyors
– Machine Tools
– Fans
– Pumps

If you have a question about C-Face Gear reducer repair, or about any other part of your power train system, give us a call so we can get you moving.

Inline C-Face Gear Reducer Inventory

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