Hub City Gearboxes

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Hub City Inc., a subsidiary of Regal-Beloit Corporation, was founded in 1892 and has built a rich culture of producing top-notch power transmission products for use in a variety of industries such as packaging, transportation, and construction. Hub City offers one of the most extensive standard product lines of gearboxes and gears in the industry. Over 50% of Hub City products are either modified or completely customized. In recent years, they have been working to provide ultimate motion solutions to refine the production process in industries like pharmaceutical, meat, poultry, and produce processing. With over 28 years of experience, Midwest Power Products are experts in Hub City speed reducer repair, replacement, and servicing.

Hub City’s Gear products include:

  • Farm Products and Accessories
  • Poweratio® 4000 & Spartan™ High-Efficiency Helical In-Line Drives
  • Poweratio® 2000 High-Efficiency Helical-Bevel Gear Drives
  • Poweratio® 2000 High-Efficiency Helical-Worm Gear Drives
  • HubFlex® Flexible Shaft Couplings
  • And more…

Hub City Applications


  • Recreational industry
  • Transportation
  • Military
  • Construction
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Communication
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Hub City Gearbox Inventory

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