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The first and only product Midwest Power represented at the time of its inception was Electra-Gear. This early Midwest Power/Electra-Gear Relationship still flourishes today, as Midwest Power has become the largest Electra-Gear Distributor worldwide. In March of 1997, Midwest Power was named the #1 Electra Gear Reducer & Gearbox Distributor worldwide.

Electra-Gear has been known by several different names and brandings from the past. These past brands include Electra Gear by Grove Gear, Ironman by Grove Gear, Electra Gear Division – Regal-Beloit, Flexaline by Grove Gear, and Electra Motors Dresser. While the name has changed the quality has remained the best.

Midwest Power Products continues to provide custom gearboxes made by legacy brands including Jervis B. Webb Company and Jeffrey Electra Motors. Jeffrey Electra Reducers and Jervis B. Webb gearboxes were produced for special application needs and Midwest Power Products prides itself on continuing to design gearboxes that meet customers’ exact system requirements. You can rely on Midwest Power to be able to service, rebuild, or replace any Electra Gear legacy gearboxes and reducers.

Why Electra Gear?

Electra Gear is the most extensive gear reducer of its type. With a lightweight single-piece aluminum housing, Electra Gear is a part of Regal Beloit’s Grove Gear product line. Lighter than cast iron or steel reducers, Electra Gear reducers can come off the shelf or be custom-built for your project. Electra Gear reducers are made of aluminum, a lightweight yet durable alternative to the standard cast iron and stainless steel models. Electra Gear Aluminum reducers are available off-the-shelf or customized to your exact specifications. At Midwest Power products, we are experts in the repair, replacement, and customization of Electra Gear Reducers and Gearboxes. Call Us (219) 922-2668 for Replacement, Rebuild or Repair.

Electra Gear Products

Midwest Power Products specializes in the repair and replacement of Electra Gear products such as;

Electra Gear Reducer & Gearbox Features


  • Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Housing
  • Large Oil Capacity
  • Viton® double lip seals
  • All new units are Leak and Run tested
  • 11 available sizes to 35 HP
  • Reduction: single, double, and triple
  • Ratios: 5:1 to 216,000:1
  • We can build most units in 72 hours or less
Electra Gear Reducer & Gearbox Distributor - Grove Gear

Why Choose Electra Gear Aluminum Gear Reducer

Why Choose Electra Gear Aluminum Gear Reducers? Most gear reducers are made with cast iron or steel. While this offers excellent ...

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