Dresser by Electra Gearboxes

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In the world today, few companies are as relevant as Dresser in petroleum and natural gas extraction. A Subsidiary of Electra, Dresser is a leading innovator of Gearboxes with a list of products ranging from larger, slow-speed motor-driven process compressors to medium and high-speed separable units that are driven by engines or electric motors. With over 28 years of experience, Midwest Power Products are experts in Dresser repair, replacement, and servicing.

Midwest Power Products continues to support many historical brands and legacy gear motors used by OEM’s and custom applications. These brands include Electra Motors Dresser, PowerTech, Jeffrey, and Litton. Call us for any questions regarding legacy gear motor models or brands.

We offer a full line of Dresser Gear Boxes and Gear Reducers. Some popular models are:


  • Dresser Gearbox Model L7255XSL326T Gear Reducer. HP: 93.1; Ratio: 17.1; Input RPM: 1750; Output RPM: 5.44; Type: ShovelNose; S.F.: n/a. Notes: MillNumber None;
  • Dresser Gearmotor Model 4E36952WG Gear Reducer. HP: n/a; Ratio: 20; Input RPM: n/a; Output RPM: n/a; Type: n/a; S.F.: n/a. Notes: 300M Frame
  • Dresser Model OSN90292SJ Gear Reducer. HP: 0.75; Ratio: n/a; Input RPM: 1725; Output RPM: 43; Type: n/a; S.F.: n/a. Notes: Frame CK143TWABC2; Volts 230/460; Code L, 3 Phase
  • Dresser Model 0802-HLEM Gearbox . HP: 100;  ; Ratio: 9.37; RPM In: 3600; RPM Out: 3600; S.F.: 2
  • Dresser Model 4E36542WG Gear Reducer. HP: n/a; Ratio: 25; Input RPM: 25; Output RPM: n/a; Type: n/a; S.F.: n/a. Notes: 267A Frame
  • Dresser Model HU80 Gear Reducer. HP: 12.8; Ratio: 67.4; Input RPM: 1170; Output RPM: 17; Type: 90 Degree; S.F.: 0.85. Notes: SerialNumber 1T73144; 43560 Inch Lbs Torque Out, Right Angle Gearbox*
  • Dresser Model 9SN-97230RF Gear Reducer. HP: n/a; Ratio: 30; Input RPM: n/a; Output RPM: n/a; Type: n/a; S.F.: n/a. Notes: 217AL Frame
  • 40HP Helical Foote Jones Dresser Gear Reducer
  • Foote-Jones/Dresser Gear Reducer Model L#: 7207-H15 CLASS I RATING 18.90 HP, 120 RPM TEMP: 15°F – 60°F AGMA: 3, ASTM: S-465 50°F TO 125° AGMA: 4, ASTM: S-700
  • Dresser Electra Motors
  • Dresser Line-O-Power Gear Reducer 14.0 to 1. 70HP 1750 RPM
  • Dresser Line-O-Power Gear Reducer 9.3 to 1
  • Dresser Line-O-Power Gear Reducer 8.0 to 1
  • Falk Gear Reducer 9.248 to 130Hp

Dresser Gearbox Features and Applications


  • Process Reciprocating Compressors
  • High and Medium-speed reciprocating compressors
  • Capacity control systems
  • Reciprocating Compressor valves


These compressors have the following applications in the extraction of petroleum and natural gas:

  • Upstream production (gas lift, boil-off / residue gas, natural gas gathering, natural gas liquids, shale, coal bed methane, enhanced oil recovery – CO2 for natural gas injection)
  • Midstream (gas transmission and storage, natural gas gathering, gas injection, fuel gas, natural gas processing – inlet, sales, refrigeration)
  • Downstream processing (petrochemical plant gas-to-liquids, hydrogen production, various other refining applications, cool gas, methanol and ethylene, ammonia, nitric acid, and urea)
  • Power generation through fuel gas.

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