Browning Products

Browning History

In 1936, the name changed to Browning® Manufacturing Company (originally Ohio Valley Pulley Works) after members of the Browning® family acquired majority ownership.  Through the years company’s range expanded beyond sheaves and belts to include sprockets, bearing units and gear reducers. In 2015, Emerson Power Transmission Corporation (also known as Power Transmission Solutions) was acquired by Regal® Beloit Corporation.

  • Gearing
    • Parallel Shaft Gearing
    • Right Angle Gearing
      • Bevel Reducers, Helical Bevel Reducers (OtN 3000 Configurator), Helical Hypoid Reducers (HERA), HERA Drive / Marathon Motor Configurator, Worm Reducers
    • Custom Gearing Solutions
      • See Hub City® Custom Gearing Solutions, Grove Gear® Custom Gearing Solutions, and Milwaukee Gear™  Precision Gear Components and Gearboxes
  • Bearings
    • Mounted Bearings, Cam Followers, Unmounted Bearings, Rod Ends & Spherical Plain Bearings, Bearing Accessories, Aerospace and Specialty Bearings
  • Couplings
    • Disc Couplings, Gear Couplings, Barrel Couplings, Grid Couplings, Rigid Couplings, Jaw Couplings, Elastomeric Couplings, Chain Couplings, Other Components and Accessories
  • Mechanical Power Transmission
    • Mechanical Clutches, Chain & Sprockets, Belt Drives, Bushings, Tighteners-Idlers, Open Gearing, Farm Solutions

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