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Expertise in Electric Motors, Gear Reducers and Gearmotors

Midwest Power Products are specialists in ALL BRANDS of gear reducers, gearmotors, electric motors, and power transmission equipment. Since this is our specialty, we have a large stock of these products “in house.”

Our inventory includes special AC & DC Stock Motors, Right Angle Worm Gear Reducers, Worm Gear Motors, Inline C-Face Gear Reducers, Inline Gear Motors, Shaft Mount Gear Reducers, Variable Speed Gear Motors and more. All from leading brands like Electra Gear Winsmith, Dresser, Foote Jones, Sumitomo, Grove Gear, SEW Eurodrive, Boston Gear, Dodge TXT, Falk, Cone Drive, Cleveland Gear, David Brown, Radicon, and Hub City.

With 24/7 & Same Day Service we can repair, replace, or rebuild any gearmotor or drive from any brand. Give us a call for immediate help.

Brands & Manufacturers We Service, Repair, & Sell

Foote Jones

Foot Jones is a brand that speaks innovation with products at the very center of the use in highly significant industries. The aim is to constantly provide products, solutions, and services that make work efficient and faster.

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Dodge TXT

Dodge is one Baldor’s flagship brands, led by the Dodge TXT Torque Arm Gear Reducer. Baldor’s Dodge line is built to do the hardest jobs on planet earth, for the longest time possible.

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Boston Gear

Boston Gear offers over 30,000 standard products that can be customized to meet specific needs, giving them one of the most comprehensive powertrain product lines in the industry.

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SEW-ERUODRIVE offers a full range of power transmission and power control products. They have one of the most complete product lines in the industry with applications ranging from standalone heavy industrial gear motors to drive based automation systems.

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Grove Gear

Regal Beloit’s Grove Gear is an industry leader in industrial gear reducers and motors. They also offer a specialized power transmission line with ratio multipliers and worm speed reducers.

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Hub City

Hub City Inc., a subsidiary of Regal-Beloit Corporation was founded in 1892 and has built a rich culture of producing top-notch power transmission products for use in a variety of industries.

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Cleveland Gear

For over 100 years, Cleveland Gear has produced open worm gearing and enclosed drives, earning their stripes as leaders in the industry. Their motors and gearboxes power automobile plants, mass transit systems, and other critical infrastructure around the world.

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Cone Drive

Cone Drive creates highly precise products tailor made to their customer’s needs. Their motion control products are leaders in industrial gearing across verticals.

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The Falk Corporation has grown over many years into one of the giants of the gear industry. They are known for creating one of the finest and most diverse arrays of gears, most notably large, high accuracy, modified gears.

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Sumitomo has been delivering assured products and innovative technologies for over 130 years. They are world leaders in the manufacturing of power transmission and control products with countless applications for top global brands.

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Dresser-Rand are world leaders in petroleum and natural gas extraction and heavy industry with a list of products ranging from larger, slow-speed motor-driven process compressors to medium and high-speed separable units that are driven by engines or electric motors.

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Winsmith Gearing is a brand built on a reputation for high-quality products. They design and manufacture gearing technologies for a vast range of applications such as packaging, food processing, and motion control.

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Electra Gear

Electra Gear is a part of Regal Beloit’s Grove Gear product line. The most extensive gear reducer of it’s type, with a lightweight single piece aluminum housing.

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Inline C-Face Gear Reducers

C-Face Gear reducers are face mounted gear reducers, typically directly connected to the motor flange. C Face Gear reducers offer speed reduction and increased torque from motor output.

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