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Roster for 2003/2004 3rd grade Spoilermakers:

1)Ryan Burvan

2)Nick Elish

3)Corbin Gregory

4)Brandon Topp

5)Michael Schlotman

6)Jacob Raspopovich

7)Zoran Talley

8)Nick Davidson

Again, I would like to thank everybody who showed up.  The talent at this years tryouts was unbelievable, it made it very hard to narrow the team to 8 players.  The judges discussed the choices for over an hour, as some positions were very hard to choose.  This list was only from our perspective of what we saw on this given evening, we wish we could of seen the kids play more. 

Just a special note:  My heart goes out to those boys who were on last years team, but did not make it this year.  I will always have a special feeling for that team, the players and their families were unbelievable in the support of that team, for that I thank you.

Our first practices will be 11/23 & 11/30 from 6-8pm at the same Lincoln Center.  If your name is on the above list, and you can not make the time committment  for this team, please give me a call ASAP.  As you saw we had many interested boys and parents who would love to play.

Any questions, please give me a call.  Best Regards

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