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235 S. Lindberg St., Griffith, Indiana 46319 (USA)      Phone: 219-922-2668    Fax: 219-922-2669

*We have the world's largest inventory of Electra Gear reducers, motors & parts, with over 1000 items in stock for immediate shipment. 
Call us today Phone 219-922-2668
(We do export orders daily)

Adaptable Line

Aluminum motors

Poultry Drive

Aluminum Plus



Food Drive

Platinum Plus

We have rows and rows of Electra Gear reducers, gear motors, motors & parts.
*We can build most units in 72 hours or less*

We buy surplus & sale Electra Gear reducers, gear motors, motors & parts.
Call Us if you have Electra items for sale!!


For more information contact:
Midwest Power Products & Controls, Inc.
235 S. Lindberg St., Griffith, IN 46319 (USA)
Ph. 219-922-2668      Fax 219-922-2669
After Hours Phone #513-509-9608
E-mail: sales@midwestpowerproducts.com

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